A funny thing happened on the way to Dumas, TX…

After a bit of a hiatus, I traveled this week to Dumas High School in Dumas, TX to deliver a couple of presentations to the Junior and Senior classes.  I’ve been a presenter for Monster.com’s Making It Count Programs for about three years, a relationship I’ve had much fun with!  We had a great time, and the students there were fantastic!  ( CLICK HERE to link to the video montage of the presentation created by the folks at the local online paper, High Plains Observer-Dumas.)

Watching the video, I found myself smiling, laughing, and re-enjoying the time I spent there…at work!

Sure, when I headed to the airport the day before, it was just like one of those days when you aren’t looking forward to the commute.  Once in the air, though, I opened up the blank, leather-bound journal my wife gave me not two weeks ago on our wedding day.  With the gift, she’d included a note of instruction that I was to use that journal to capture the plans and dreams in my head, and begin putting them into action. So I started writing…

As the sun set over the horizon (it’s a beautiful sight to watch through the window of a plane at 31,000 ft), I was settled in with my iPod, pen in hand, and before I knew it, I’d written about 6 pages of ideas which have become the early draft of my business plan for the coming year.

The next time find yourself dreading your commute, turn up an old album you haven’t heard in a while, settle in for the ride, and open up your mind to ask, “How can I make today count?”.

3 Replies to “A funny thing happened on the way to Dumas, TX…”

  1. HI, I was really interested in becoming a Skillpath Consultant and found your website.
    Can you tell me more about Skillpath? How often do you travel and is it nation-wide travel?
    I’m from Amarillo–so I know where Dumas, Tx is 🙂

    Would love to chat!
    Jodi Walker

  2. Hi Scott,
    I am glad that you made it to my hometown of Dumas. I was born and raised there and graduated from Dumas High School. Small world. Haven’t talked to you in a while, but I like receiving your updates.

    Herman J Luette
    Tulsa, OK

  3. Mr. Cooksey,
    Good afternoon to you. Great things happen to great people in the Texas Panhandle. Glad to see you are seeing those wonderful sights. I love your Blogs and stories and keeping up with you that way. Also, did not know Herman was from Dumas either. Learned something new today. Thanks,
    Bob Wilson
    Tulsa, OK

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