“I worked with Scott on a number of community projects for the city of Tulsa. He’s smart, creative, personal, hard working and has solid integrity. He gets things done.”

Tawn Albright, Vice President Corporate Development, Ticketmaster

“Scott is a dynamic and engaging speaker, motivator, and financial professional who has worked with several throughout the city of Tulsa and around the country to help them reach their full potential, both financially and personally. As someone who has worked closely with him, I am honored to endorse him fully and without reservation.”

J. Damany Daniel, Founding Principal, Spot Entertainment

“Scott has a great sense of humor and his delivery really grabs your attention. He is dynamic and affable. His ability to get his arms around a situation and offer compelling, thoughtful solutions makes him a winner on any team. Love working with him and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of business or client development.”

Ken Busby, CEO, Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa

“Scott is one of the most enthusiastic and resilient men I have ever met. He has been a tremendous colleague, exceptional professional and great friend. We have collaborated on a number of business endeavors together. Scott never ceases to amaze me with his energy and creativity in solving business problems. His professional knowledge in the area of financial management is second to none. As a speaker, I watched Scott capture the attention of an audience and lock in their imaginations during the entire presentation. He would always leave them wanting more. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone as a strong, trustworthy and professional service provider as well as a true and loyal friend.”

Wayne L. Anderson, President & Chief Technology Strategist, Anderson Professional Systems Group, LLC

“Scott is a highly motivated and brilliant author, speaker and team player. Not only is he a wealth of knowledge, but is always ready to learn at a momants notice. His ambition will take him far up the ladder of success.”

Peter Biadasz, Author/Speaker, Networking Groups

“Scott is passionate about his work. I would recommend Scott, and his consulting services to any organization.”

Michael Willis, Director of Government Relations, City of Tulsa

“Scott is conscientious, passionate, and a go-getter. He’s not afraid to step out and try something new. All of this and a sense of humor!”

Kyle Eastham, Owner, Black Belt Performance

“Scott has an incredible ability to communicate through personal experience and relevant anecdotal humor. He has dedicated himself to professional improvement through his volunteer organizations such as Young Professionals of Tulsa, Oklahoma State University Alumni Association – Tulsa County, Tulsa Foundation for Architecture and Toastmasters just to name a few. His passion for helping others to achieve their dreams is a realization of his own dream and who could ask for more than that? Scott knows that it isn’t about proving he is the man with all the answers, he is out to show how much he cares about helping you find the right answer for your situation.”

Amy Campbell, Marketing, Allied Reliability