Unconscious Competence – A Lesson from Sesame Street


One of the topics I often lead for organizations is Teambuilding. During this class, we discuss the Four Stages of Learning, annotated here with my own descriptions (more detail here):

  1. Unconscious Incompetence (You don’t know what you don’t know)
  2. Conscious Incompetence (You KNOW what you don’t know)
  3. Conscious Competence (You know what you know)
  4. Unconscious Competence (You don’t even have to think about what you know…it’s automatic)

It’s funny to me how as a youngster, I was able to teach myself to read by watching Sesame Street. This morning, a friend of mine (@gggena) said she had this song stuck in her head, which I recognized from my past. When she sent the link and I again watched this classic tale unfold, I was reminded at just how deep the lessons can be learned from something disguised as “children’s programming”. Hmmm…Maybe everything I needed to know I really DID learn (before) Kindergarten!

Watch “Dear Henry’s” learning style evolve. Who is the “Liza” and “Henry” in your OWN organization?

Which one sounds more like you?


Connecting in Riverside, CA


This past week, I continued to CONNECT with people, leading classes of a Job Skills Boot Camp in Riverside, CA.  We covered stress management tips, resume tricks, and interviewing techniques for interviewees to help them stand out in this employers market.

How ready are YOU for unexpected change in your own career?  Will you land on your feet?  Stay connected by signing up on our website!  (It’s that fancy box on the left….and, it’s FREE!)


Cooksey Connects at Child Care Mini-Conference


This past weekend, I had the honor of delivering the opening keynote presentation for the Child Care Mini-Conference in Miami, OK.  I wish to publicly thank the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma for sponsoring me to speak.  These two fine groups are doing great work in support of the development of young people within their tribal communities!

Following the general session, attendees then came back for more in the breakout session “The Way You’ve Always Done It Doesn’t Work Anymore”- where we discussed some practical tools, tips and techniques for breaking the cycle of being “stuck” in the highly regulated world of child care.  In short, it became clear that Child Care professionals do not need to ask permission to act with compassion and care.  What an impact these amazing people at the conference make every day in their jobs!

During the keynote, I mentioned a couple of videos and promised a link to those, so here they are:

  • The Carolina Abacedarian Project – This groundbreaking study which began in 1972 gave the world proof that by providing consistent, age-appropriate, structured child care in the first five years of life can set a child on a path toward adult success and better chance for lesser mental health challenges later in life.  Here’s a clip from the study’s website to explain more.  CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO
  • Also, we took some time to watch Dalton Sherman’s 2008 speech to educators in Dallas ISD in Texas.  If you are an educator or care about the future of education and our young people in America, this is 9 minutes of reminder you MUST SEE:

During the day, over 200 child care professionals were not only inspired to continue making a difference in the lives of each young person with whom they interact each day, but also were encouraged to look beyond the walls of their own Child Care centers to build a community within they could network, share best practices, and encourage one another to stay consistent, upbeat, and enthusiastic in the face of each day’s routine.

Child care professionals, I applaud EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for the tireless service you provide every day.  It was an honor to speak at your mini-conference, and I look forward to seeing you again, soon!


Stop FreeCreditReport.com!


A while ago, I authored a post to remind the you (my loyal readers) that there were some misleading practices being offered by some VERY visible companies regarding access to your credit reports.  This morning, @andreamyers re-tweeted a post from another well known Twitter-hero (@skydiver) who found this little ditty below:

Please allow me to add my wave of gratitude to the Federal Trade Commission for taking on these other “knuckleheads” who claim to be doing the general public a favor, when in fact, they are selling them an unnecessary product by taking advantage of their fears.

Next, let’s fight back against those “companies” who want to charge parents to fill out the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid! (Goodness, people!  It’s in the title of the document, FREE!)  [HINT: For info you can completely trust about the College Financial Aid process, check out this site from Making It Count!