Chocolate FAME?

In high school, my old Scoutmaster gave me a modem for my computer. When I asked “what is this for?”, he replied with “So your computer can talk to mine.” My response, “Why would I want to do that?”

Fast forward about 20 years and now we all live in a world awash with terms like “viral marketing” and “YouTube” (often used as both a noun AND a verb). Loosely, these ideas stem from unusual attempts of ordinary people (or savvy marketers posing as ordinary people) who post home-made video to the internet for the world to see. Sometimes, it’s a short film, sometimes it’s just plain bizarre and other times, it’s a more serious message. Enter Adam Bahner a/k/a Tay Zonday creator of “Chocolate Rain“, one of the internet’s most famous stories of viral marketing success. See his appearance at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show here:

Why did this video become such a “success”? Well, that’s to be determined. What it DID do, however, was slingshot this grad-school student into international fame and demand by a media hungry audience. All he did was follow his creativity to play up a goofy video and highlight his unusually low voice. What happened next was unpredictable. I just hope in a few years, we don’t find out he’s in a crisis state or rehab due to not being able to handle the end of his 15-minutes of fame and “celebrity” status.

So, the next time you have a corny idea for a video post. Say to yourself: “Self, let’s shoot some video and see if by some random happenstance of events I might wind up getting paid for corporate and media appearances.” Why not!

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