Format Change-Up!

After first launching as a website, I decided it was best served to host this site as a blog. And why not? So, here goes:

The book is coming! For those of you who have been asking (and that’s quite a number of you), we are proceeding forward with the book, only a few months behind schedule. I’ve begun to empathize with expectant mothers and how they must feel when people continually ask “Haven’t you had that kid, yet?” Publishing a book isn’t much different. To all of the mom’s I’ve ever asked the preceeding question, I take it back and apologize profusely.

The first serious round of edits are complete, and I understand the next step is to forward our manuscript to the publisher for their editors to begin their review. It shouldn’t be long, now!

I’m exploring the possibility of a book tour later this year. In consideration are any reasonably sized cities in which I have a guest bed or sofa on which to sleep. Of course, I haven’t asked yet, but I also plan to do a book signing at The Bookseller in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Though it changed ownership hands a few years ago, it was the site of my very first job during my freshman year of high school. Who knew someday I’d actually write a book?

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