Get High With Me!

Fitness continues to be a major part of my life. Over the past (nearly) year and a half, commitment to a regular exercise plan and paying more attention to what and how I eat has helped me shed 40 pounds (net -meaning I’ve put on lean muscle and dropped even more bulk fat) (Special thanks to the training staff at Fitness Together-Kingspoint Village). When you combine that with a renewed sense of center in my spiritual life (read: I found an amazing church home that really suits me), and (since we made it “official” by posting it to Facebook today) a new girlfriend.

It is no wonder I started out 2009 with two of the most financially successful months I’ve had in over a year and continue to ride the wave of good fortune and success as new opportunities are presented to me each day. Maybe there is something to this Power of Attraction stuff after all!

I’m on a bit of a “runners high” as I write this blog tonight. By settling in at a comfortable (read: slow) pace, I found a rhythm tonight that probably would have let me run twice as far as my typical run. Using the tools at, I mapped out the route I ran tonight and thought I’d share the route here on the blog.

It’s not that I expect you’ll want to come on over and run the route with me sometime, rather, it serves as yet another subtle way to share the tools we use to find success each day with others around us on in this increasingly negatively influenced world.

SO, here are your three steps for fitness success today:

1) Turn off the television. You will be AMAZED at just how much the negative sensationalism is fed into your brain every day by the mainstream media. Television is powered by one thing: ratings. Fact: Info-tainment scores higher ratings than pure news. It’s just a fact.
2) Feed your head with positive energy: Seek out books, people, time for quiet reflection and open your mind to a spiritual way of thinking. I’m not saying you have to become a monk or a “bible-thumper” or anything any more extreme than just stepping outside yourself to view your life from about 40,000 feet and understand how significant a positive spiritual influence can be for you.
3) Get off your butt. Continuing to talk about what you “should be doing” about your lack of fitness isn’t going to fix the problem. I don’t care if you hire a trainer, go for a walk, participate in a cycling event (Registration opened today for the Tulsa Tough 2009 rides, including the spandex-free Townie Ride- borrow a helmet, dust off that bike and join us!) , or email me at and tell me what day you want to come over and run the route below with me. Need to walk it? Okay! If that’s the push you need, I’m going to help you get that ball rolling. Come on over, and we’ll get a success “high”, together!

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