How To Become A Better Writer

Because you don’t communicate worth a damn.

If you can't be a better writer, at least be a better communicator!
Are YOU always present?

Have you ever read your own emails?  Ever listened to yourself on the phone?  Are those around you constantly NOT doing what you (thought) clearly spelled out for them to do?  How satisfying are your relationships? As Blue Collar Comedy’s Bill Engvall would say, “Here’s your sign!”

Okay, I can hear your inner monologue as I type this:

  • “But, I’m a GREAT communicator, I am just surrounded by idiots.” Or
  • “Well, I know exactly what it is I want, they just don’t get me!”  How about,
  • “If I don’t get what I want, I just say it again…LOUDER…until I do!”

Was I close?

Many years ago, in the midst of a job with a manager who “didn’t get me” and a relationship with a woman who “didn’t want me”, I began to look for answers.  Though I was comfortable with public speaking, I sought out a Toastmasters club, just so I could get some feedback.  To be honest, I just wanted satisfy my ego.  What I began to understand, though, was maybe… JUST MAYBE…the communication problem was me.

Nearly a decade later, I have had the privilege of traveling around the world as a professional speaker, married an incredible woman who loves me for me, and have become a father to the most beautiful baby girl I’ve ever known (Yep, I am a proud Daddy!) I have found deeper personal relationships with family and friends.  My professional relationships have also grown stronger and farther reaching than I ever imagined.  So today, I’m taking on a new challenge to become even BETTER, and I am asking you to come along with me on this journey. Here it is: I want to become a better writer.

Last summer, I casually met a speaking colleague with whom you might be familiar.  His name is Judson Laipply.  If you have ever visited YouTube, you will know him as the “Evolution of Dance Guy”.   Several months later, in response to an online posting Judson made, I received a free copy of Seth Godin’s book, The Icarus Deception.  Which has me thinking.  A lot.

In his book, Seth simply states to become a better writer, one must write.  And he issued a challenge to write, something, every day.  This article is the first response to that challenge.  Some days I will probably write more.  Others, I will write less.  My goal, however, is to simply write.

Darren LaCroix, the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking, is a mentor of mine. The license plate on his Mercedes convertible is “StageTime”; a reminder that there is no substitute for putting yourself out there, getting feedback, and adjusting to make yourself more effective from the platform.  By heeding his advice, I’ve been around the world…and someone else purchased my plane tickets!

Godin now suggests the same idea to become a better writer.  I am beginning to see a pattern.

What will YOU do consistently, on purpose, to get better? Everyday.

3 Replies to “How To Become A Better Writer”

  1. Good article. Well crafted. Well done. Well written. I knew that you would go far when I signed up to be your friend on Facebook…just never thought you would go far on someone else’s nickel. I always enjoy hearing about your escapades – even when they are not on ice. Best wishes to you and your family. Remember: fatherhood can be grand. Steve

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Steve! Also, a special thank you goes out to those of you who let me know I had originally credited the “incorrect redneck” at the beginning of this post. I hope I don’t lose my “Texas Residency Card” for that misstep!

  3. My secret? Two hours a night of writing. I’m entertaining ideas all day long, but the writing process happens over time, and best when done in chunks. I’ve written three books that way!

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