How to Increase Your Sales with Any Client in Under 15 Minutes Per Day

Building highly successful (and more profitable) customer relationships can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes per day.

The hint: Follow your customer’s company and industry better than they do.

Let’s cut to the chase:  There is tremendous value in understanding each of your customer’s corporate objectives and projects on the horizon as if your life depended on it.  Waiting for someone to ASK for help with a project often puts you behind the 8-ball and more importantly, behind your competition.

Setting your home page of your web browser to default to a page centered on your target industry or the largest city in your territory.  One great example is to visit and choose your city.  Why not set up Google alerts for accounts in your territory?  If you are a Twitter user, customize a digest of relevant information like this one (it’s FREE to set one up) by IdeaCharger.  By keeping an eye on a particular industry or market, both ideas work to help you leverage public information that will increase your overall market intelligence of your target industry, customers & territory. Scanning headlines relevant to your sales efforts can easily be done in under 15 minutes per day.

When you locate a relevant article, give some thought to how what you are reading is useful from a strategic standpoint. Ask yourself:

  • Do I know decision makers at all companies involved?
  • What opportunities does this provide right away?
  • What opportunities could this provide in the future?
  • How could I make sure I am PROACTIVE in keeping relevant information in front of my contacts at these companies?

Information like this can and should be automated, making it easy to quickly scan or mark to read more, later.  Keeping an eye on information about customers and prospects can lead you to open doors….often with big piles of money on the other side.

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