Humility and Leadership

Two Traits Every Manager Should Possess

No matter your degree of experience in dealing with them, when I say Manager, a very specific image pops into your mind.

Some managers are good.  Those are the ones you would run through a brick wall for, just because they hinted you might be able to do it.

Other mangers are bad.  You know the type.  Do you remember that manager who was “supposed to spend time with you” each month?  They would show up on the scheduled day, sit in front of you and ask “So, what do you want to talk about today?”…and the first thought in your head was “…How fast can I get you out of my office!”  I had one of those once.

Currently, I’m spending time with a sales team in a coaching & leadership role. In an effort to better understand what activities our respective team members are  regularly doing, I have committed to meet with them, one-on-one, each month to listen, coach, and offer direction, where I can add value. One of the team members, though, had one of the best pieces of advice when he suggested, early in each quarter, I should be asking each team member “How is your NEXT quarter shaping up?”  What a simple phrase to illustrate the intention of any sales manager– how to keep your troops focused on moving forward by planning ahead for success instead of simply reacting to the crisis of the day!

I thanked him.  This week, I just may have learned more than I shared.

Now, are you one of the leaders people are fighting to work FOR or are people running as fast as they can to get AWAY from you?  If  you are the latter, it just might be time to talk less and listen more.

Go get ’em!

6 Replies to “Humility and Leadership”

  1. That guy must have been some kind of managing guru! Ha, thanks for the article!

  2. Good one, Cooksey. I’ve recently been in meetings with that manager…. “These meetings are for you. What do you want to talk about?” We have them (irregularly) because the leadership coach told him to. Intentions and heart are there, but the feeling is sterile.

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