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Episode 43 – When Your Side Hustle Is Really Just a Hobby

As a Success Charger, admittedly, you’re different.  You see opportunity where others only see roadblocks, but let’s be honest about this one.

What is wrong with simply having a “hobby”.  Why does EVERYBODY seem to think they have to be “hustlin” or “grindin”.  When really, so many of those same people, are just…well….”Strugglin”.

Dan Pink’s book, Free Agent Nation, rocked my world when I read it nearly 10 years ago.  In the text, he explains how the world is basically shifting from what we think of as a traditional employment world, to a “gig economy” world (I’m pretty sure “gig economy” is a newer term, but you get it, right?)

There’s only one problem.  Too many of the very companies who would prefer to pay for talent ONLY when they REALLY NEED IT, have build vast systems to support a “traditional business model” and they often find themselves ill-equipped to actually execute on a plan that the “gigsters” would LOVE…. Being able to work on projects as a free-agent on an “as-needed” basis with enough frequency to be able to effectively blend work with the lifestyle they prefer.

I think we’re on our way to seeing Pink’s reality, it’s just taking longer than many people would like.  Leaving many with a strong DESIRE to be a free agent stuck in a purgatory between what they really want and the harsh realities of the ever-expanding cost of living.  (Television used to only cost the price of the TV itself, you know….and it wasn’t that long ago.  Now….$200+ month is not uncommon just for the “content”.)

So this week, we beg the question, “Do you REALLY have a side hustle, or is that stuff you work on after work just a “hobby”….and by the way, there is NOTHING wrong with having a good ol’ fashioned hobby.

Sound off in the comment section below or  drop us a quick note at and let us know your take.

Does your side hustle make money?  Do you actually do anything for fun anymore, or are you  trying to “monetize” EVERYTHING you do?  Or, are you a hipster who still goes to coffee shops for the **gasp** actual coffee?

Entertainment Never Sleeps – Tip Jones – Overdrive Entertainment [Ep 31]

During one, hot, Oklahoma summer in the mid 1980’s, MTV proudly played the Top Five at Five video requests from the day’s call-ins.  That entire summer, the same five music videos (back when Music Television actually played music videos en masse) came on like clockwork. One of those songs was “Tears are Falling” by KISS.

Fast forward to 2016, and one of my childhood buddies, Tip Jones of Overdrive Entertainment, found himself readying a venue for a KISS concert just an hour or so from where we’d grown up as the concert promoter and event agency responsible for making the show happen.  In a surreal moment, Jones texted the pal who encouraged him to get into the entertainment business in the first place to say “I can’t believe I get to do this for a living.”

In this episode of the podcast, Cooksey visits with Tip Jones as they unpack what it took to go from a third-generation retail furniture store owner in a small, Oklahoma town to one of the most in-demand concert and event management companies in the region.

Autograph's Authenticity Questioned In Family Dispute
Autograph’s Authenticity Questioned In Family Dispute

We talk everything from the economic impact of entertainment events to why companies and municipalities should use a professional entertainment company to manage their events to what ‘s really behind ticket prices and more.  Tip even shares a couple of moments he claims are the reason he got into this crazy business in the first place.

While sharing one of his most memorable moments with country music legend Charlie Daniels, Cooksey quickly jumped on the opportunity to settle a decades old family dispute.  It’s all explained in the episode.  [We will include some pictures here in the notes, but please click the link below to VOTE and help Scott SETTLE THE SCORE!]

Charlie Daniels Overdrive
Image provided courtesy of Overdrive Entertainment

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Just a quick update to let you know that while I haven’t posted any new articles in a while, the IdeaCharger has been generating some new content, and you are going to love it!

Podcasting Microphone Coming in August 2015, I am excited to announce the launch of “Success Charger Podcast with Scott Cooksey”. As soon as we have the particulars worked out, I’ll be posting the details, but here’s a quick look at what you can expect:

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  • Much, much more!

Production is already underway for our first episodes, so get ready to be energized with SUCCESS CHARGER: The Podcast!

Three ways to turn your log-jammed meeting into a productive jam session

“Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.”
– Temp, Office Space (1999)

Why do you attend your last team meeting? If your answer was “because it’s Monday, and we always start off the week in our team meeting”, I’m going to ask you to stop. Just stop. Remember what Vanilla Ice taught the world in his hit “Ice, Ice Baby”…

collaborate & listenCreative Commons License rick via Compfight


For the love of all that is productive, I am giving you permission to just STOP. Stop having meetings “because we are supposed to”. Or “because three years ago, someone put a recurring, weekly meeting on my calendar with no end date and I just keep going”. Perhaps you attended it because you “thought I was supposed to have a meeting to ____________ (insert some meaningless “conventional wisdom” here).”

  • Have meetings with purpose. Unless that purpose is specifically to brainstorm or be a creative session, the meeting’s purpose should already be known.
  • Stop telling people they will find out about what the meeting is about in the meeting. If you don’t issue an agenda to requested participants, along with any necessary documentation to fully understand what you’ll be covering, then do not expect anyone to attend.
  • The purpose of your meeting should be to confirm or debate a decision that has already been made. If you shared the details in the step above, the meeting may well be over before it begins…and that is a good thing. Relevant, important debate is given space to occur. Time wasted in meetings where everyone already agrees and understands their role is avoided. Productive activities prevail.


Presuming your meeting actually DID need to occur (e.g. There is need for some debate, challenge or creativity session) it is your responsibility to show up with an open mind.

  • Be vulnerable. If you think the concepts discussed (either in your meeting or the pre-info) are headed down the wrong path, speak up. You may be right. Then again, you may be wrong. You will be able, however, to move forward knowing you gave your dissenting opinion some air to breathe.
  • Creativity needs space. Often the road to the idea you need goes through a very bad place. Discussions, brainstorming sessions and creative endeavors often find at least a few rabbit trails that take you off course. Go with them. Explore the absurd solutions. You don’t have to DO them, but they just might get you (not surprisingly) to the innovative, new possibilities you seek.


Leadership is never about you. I know…people SAY great leaders do great things- and they often do- however, the best leaders are those who inspire people around them to bring their personal best each and every day.

  • Admit your addiction – The first step to recovering is to first admit you have a problem. Get your ego out of the way and focus on building meaningful connection with people around you. Inspire THEM. Leadership is earned through action, not by title.
  • Before opening your mouth, ask these three questions:
  1. Does it need to be said?
  2. Does it need to be said by me?
  3. Does it need to be said by me right now?

Sometimes there is great value in simply keeping your mouth shut.  Especially if you are (or inspire to become) a leader.

So there you have it. Three simple steps you have heard since middle school. Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

Light up the stage and wax a chump like a candle…Dance!”
– Vanilla Ice, “Ice, Ice Baby”

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