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To Connect Faster Start With Why

For the last few weeks, I have been building new workshop to help sales organizations speed up their ability to open the door for new, profitable, lasting client relationships by exploring some relatively simple concepts that deliver results more quickly.

“Great and inspiring leaders of the world think
opposite of most everyone else.”
-Simon Sinek

For one of my clients, however, there was the critical request that a message of increased productivity be delivered while simultaneously preserving a high degree of personal autonomy central to the company’s culture.

In laying the foundation for this topic, I was reminded of this brilliant TEDx Talk from Simon Sinek, who suggests that many marketing and sales organizations have simply been telling their story all wrong. To understand why certain standouts have achieved rock-star-like status, he simply explains how they shifted the way they were telling their own story to customers.

In this talk, delivered at the TEDx Puget Sound in 2009, Sinek provides a simple explanation for how companies like Apple are able to connect more significantly with buyers by flipping the script on how they tell their story.  He shares that “great and inspiring leaders of the world” think opposite of most everyone else.  Explained by what he calls the Golden Circle, it’s revealed that the key to faster connection is to start with why you do what you do ….then explain how you do it …THEN share with the buyer what your product or service actually is.

Consider flipping the script with your prospects and customers this week by talking FIRST about WHY you do what you do.  We’d love to hear your success stories below in the comment section.  Let us hear from you!

2016 Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues – Notes


The 2016 Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues is underway, and I appreciate your attending one of my sessions.  As promised, this is where you will find slides, bonus materials and more, for the two sessions delivered on May 12, 2016 in Houston, TX.

No Budget, No Problem!
How Every Leader Can Continue to Develop Talent in ANY Economic Environment (9:00 AM, May 12, 2016)

As promised, this is where you can find the complete slide deck from my presentation.  It will be posted within a few days of the conclusion of the 2016 Symposium (Hey, I didn’t want you to look ahead at all of the awesome graphics, hugely important research findings and info BEFORE you had a chance to experience the session….Thanks for understanding!)

Until then, here is a list of the NINE KEY ACTIONS OF CONNECTED LEADERS.  Watch this site for details of a forthcoming podcast episode of the Success Charger Podcast (it’s free) where we will dig even DEEPER into each Key Action. (If you’ll scroll up to the upper right-hand corner of this page and leave your email address, we’ll notify you when the next episode is ready to go!)

  1. Always Demonstrate Empathy
  2. Focus on Outcomes – Not Hours
  3. Share Accountability
  4. Become a N.I.N.J.A.
  5. PRO-active > RE-active Coaching
  6. Maximize Transparency
  7. Encourage Innovation
  8. Develop Presentation Skills
  9. Model a Learning Culture

How to Experience Championship Results in Turbulent Times (3:45PM, May 12, 2016)

If you were with us in the Unique Zone at the 2016 Symposium, you know that this wasn’t a PowerPoint presentation AT ALL.  In fact, it was less of a “breakout session” and more of an EXPERIENCE. I hope you  had as much fun learning at the session as I did putting it together for you!

We’ll do our best to share some of the key elements here and I’ll load up the “promo PowerPoint” that was sent into the Symposium organizers ahead of time, too. Again, we’ll get it up on the site soon.


In the meantime, if you like to hear great stories, I invite you to check out my free, weekly show “The Success Charger Podcast with Scott Cooksey” available to stream or download from , iTunes, Stitcher Radio and other fine podcasting sites around the interwebs.

You might especially like Episode 38 where I interview John Verdone of DDI (Development Dimensions International) about why he believes EVERYONE should become a facilitator.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap with Gen X

Companies today are facing a serious issue.  While gathering research for an upcoming conference presentation, Scott stumbled into some fascinating research that made him pause about how to address the knowledge gap present in companies today.

According to Pew Research Center, members of the Baby Boomer generation represent less than 35% of the total U.S. workforce.

Of late, there has been a LOT of talk about the Millennials who now hold the title of the “largest percentage of the U.S. workforce”.


The problem is…this current downturn in large areas of the economy (read: energy sector, manufacturing, and more) is leading to an increasing number of early retirement and voluntary layoff packages being issued, further shrinking the number of vastly experienced people from some very complicated industries.

A quick look at the media offers much attention for the ballyhooed Millennials, but are they ready to take the helm in YOUR company?

There is a better solution already present in your companies, and it’s the ranks within Generation X.

pew statsIn this episode, host Scott Cooksey shares his insight gained from his experience working closely with the front-line leaders within these companies and shares some easy to implement tips EVERY COMPANY should be utilizing to help bridge the pending knowledge gap before it’s too late.

Leave a comment below and let us know what YOUR company is doing to bridge the knowledge gap!

Scott Cooksey is a speaker and leadership consultant based in Houston, TX.  To learn more about having him present at your industry conference or work with your company, visit

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Survey Says: What is a Podcast?

As the producer of a podcast (Success Charger Podcast with Scott Cooksey), the IdeaCharger team thought it would be helpful to gather some general information regarding this rapidly-growing format by posting a call for responses to a number of social media platforms and the weekly email from our own marketing list.  We asked respondents to share with us about 63-seconds of their time.

Well, after a couple of weeks gathering survey results, it’s time to share bit about what we learned.  For ease of reading, some of the percentages were rounded up or down without materially impacting the outcome, so totals may not exactly be 100% for each topic.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast, (thank you, Google for this definition) “is basically a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.”  Another perspective is to think of it as “talk radio on demand”.   
The good news is that 93% of the respondents indicated they knew what a podcast actually is, yet, 58% indicated they listen “only on rare occasion”.  20% responded they listen weekly; with the remaining 15%  just about equally split between daily or monthly.
What’s your “Type”?

Next we asked the question, “Which podcast format works for you?“, allowing respondents to choose as many as they found appropriate.  We received a total of 165 selections, from 87 total respondents to this question.  The percentages below are reflective of the percentage of respondents who selected each of the 6 options.

Most popular responses, with 49% & 52% respectively, were “Interviews relevant to the podcast’s main topic” and “One person (host/expert) sharing ideas”.  The next two popular responses were “Live, recorded events/speeches/panel discussions” (32%) and “Actual radio programs downloaded via podcast”(29%).  The option “Variety show (mix of segment types)” gathered nearly 22%, with the remaining selection of “Other” rounding out the last 6%.

Most of the “other” responses contained added notations of “no preference/don’t listen to podcasts”, with one asking for advice on “feeding cattle with a broken foot” [Sorry…We have nothing to add for that request but wish for your speedy recovery!].  Interestingly, one offered they were format agnostic as long as “(the podcast itself) works with the iPhone Podcast app” – a hint of brand loyalty to Apple, who no doubt highly influenced the development of this format of programming in the first place with the creation of the iPod (hence: POD-casting….see what they did there?).

How Long Do I Need to Stay On The Charger?

My daughter loves to consume media on her tablet.  I know, she’s but a toddler at this point, but she is an avid consumer of toy-unboxing videos on YouTube and re-runs of Alf and I Love Lucy on Netflix. (Thank you, dude at the Verizon store, for handing her a tablet while my wife was upgrading to an iPhone 6. Well executed strategy to sell an add-on device AND a larger data plan. Well played!)  The challenge, though, was explaining the device needed to be charged up in recovery of her commute to/from daycare each day [Living in Houston, one must cope with a commute.  Hers can be over an hour each way, on a bad traffic day, and I’m talking about a toddler!]

When I travel, my iPhone is always loaded up with podcasts before hopping on a flight or heading out for the drive to my client’s office, be it across town or across the country. That said, I found out I preferred a variety in show length offered a chance to break up the trip.  To find out what YOU thought, we asked “What’s your preference for show length of a podcast?” Here’s what we learned:

  • 63%, by far the largest response, asked for episodes to be less than 30 minutes
  • 20% were looking for a quick hit lasting only 10 minutes or less
  • 10% preferred under an hour, while
  • the remainder was okay with “as long as it takes (presuming the information is useful and relevant)”

While I can’t promise we will always keep our episodes under 30-minutes, I will promise they will always be chock full of value…and that we’ll mix up the show length from time-to-time.  Be sure to let us know how we are doing, anytime, by emailing the show at!

And, finally, for a chance to REALLY change the score…

We concluded our survey with one final (open-ended) question which proved to be, perhaps, the greatest gold in our research.

What is your SINGLE BIGGEST BUSINESS CHALLENGE which, if a podcast helped you solve it, you would easily tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW about that show?

We received about 60 answers to the above question.  We had a few that unnecessarily offered apologies for not being helpful – to which I say I don’t accept your apology.  The fact that you provided us with responses to further this research and respond with something useful to Idea Chargers like you means we should be thanking YOU!

For the rest, we could break these down into topics we at the show promise to leverage in upcoming episodes.  Why?  Because we want you to shout from the rooftops about the value the Success Charger Podcast gives you FOR FREE each and every week, by CHARGING UP YOUR BUSINESS!

We received suggestions from you that you want to know how to  (1) GET MORE out of each and every day- without burning out; (2) BUILD AND RETAIN A TEAM of top talent around you and everything your business stands for [which your clients deserve, too!]; (3) Proven techniques to GROW AND SUSTAIN SALES IN ANY MARKET CONDITION; (4) smother your business with the SECRET SAUCE OF SUSTAINED ENERGY IN, FROM & FOR YOUR BUSINESS; and most of all, (5) shared stories, wisdom, and connection from people who are willing to share HOW TO GET YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL while ENJOYING THE RIDE!

The IdeaCharger Team cannot say thank you enough to those who took the 63-seconds to respond.  As part of our continued promise to you (and the request many of you voiced in the replies), the Success Charger Podcast with Scott Cooksey will ALWAYS REMAIN FREE and we will strive to meet your expectations with EVERY EPISODE.  If you haven’t already given it a listen, please check out the show, download or stream a couple of episodes and if you like it, the greatest compliment is when you share an episode with someone else!  

If you’d like to know more about having Scott work with you individually or with your organization, let’s schedule a no obligation call to discuss your situation! CLICK HERE for details.

63-Second Survey

We are gathering up some data on behalf of the Success Charger Podcast with Scott Cooksey and many of our podcasting friends about what LISTENERS WANT from them.

I will share the findings in a future post, but until then, we need your input.

Here’s the good news.

There are only 4 questions and 3 of them are multiple choice.  If it takes you more than 63-seconds to reply, you must be offering a LOT of detail on that last question, so I’ll thank you in advance.

Here’s the link:

Also, if you don’t mind, use the SHARING buttons on this post to share this link with your social media networks so we can get a HUGE data set.