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So you need a host or speaker for your big upcoming event…I can help!

Full disclosure: I just want to help YOU set a high bar at your big, upcoming event…even if I am not really involved. Seriously!


What you need:

  • An event host or master of ceremonies (emcee) – promise me you are not letting your senior executive serve as the emcee…let’s make a spot where they can REALLY shine and you will be a hero.
  • A keynote speaker to inspire, reflect, educate, entertain, or just add flavor to your event
  • Someone to speak and/or facilitate breakouts or workshops at your upcoming sales kickoff or new year initiatives meeting.

How I can help:

  • I know a LOT of people who are excellent at the above items.
  • I have been speaking professionally for nearly a decade, so I’m pretty good at this, too.
  • I have a closet full of suits, a tuxedo, jeans and bicycle riding apparel, so if I am your guy…I am ready to rock and roll, no matter the occasion.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply book an exploratory call with me at 
  2. We will discuss what you are seeking for your event.
  3. I will let you know if I might be a fit.
  4. If I am not the right fit for you, I will connect you with other tremendous speaking professionals whom I believe would deliver exactly what you desire.
  5. No catch. That’s it!

How about a call?

Sink Your Networking With One Track Thinking

A few months ago, I relocated my family back to a city we’d left about seven years earlier.  I had lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma for well over a decade and really adored the city…despite exercising my best sales and networking efforts, I was in love – and she was moving to Houston, Texas- so I packed up and went.  Looking back, a change of venue was exactly what I needed.

In late 2009, I had exited one career and was underway with a new one, as a leadership and talent development consultant.  The problem, though, was that most of my contacts in Tulsa had associated me with my previous career in the investments business, re-branding myself was proving difficult.

Soon after the move to Houston, I had built a new network, was enjoying success in a new career field and actually caught that girl I had chased to Texas. This past fall, we returned to Tulsa.

tulsaskyline1144x500Now the challenge was to re-establish my network in a city I had left seven years prior (having kept in touch with only a handful of people) with a radically different career focus than 1997-2009 had needed.

It is easy to get sucked into a new job.  Your first 100 days feel like a sprint, and if you are driven AT ALL, most people want to make sure they are seen as a contributor as quickly as possible.  This new role for me was no different.

This job is a little bit success coach + a scoop of sales messaging + talent development + grit seasoned with a little bit of flip cup & bacon – seriously, these people LOVE US SOME BACON! #baconfriday

Today, I work as the senior sales enablement manager for a SaaS (Software as a Service) startup, It is a dream. Ten years ago, I was part of a scrappy young professional movement in Tulsa that was screaming from the rooftops about what this city needed to become to stop the brain drain in Oklahoma.  Today, I work for the very type of company our grew said was absolutely what this city needed…but I digress.

My daily focus centers around activities which enable our sales team to do better, succeed faster, and win more deals.  (It’s a really fun job that is a little bit success coach + a scoop of sales messaging + talent development + grit seasoned with a little bit of flip cup & bacon – pork-diagramseriously, these people LOVE US SOME BACON! #baconfriday) Interestingly enough, our team often sells to marketers and senior executives for brands of all size.  Lately, I’ve been purposefully scheduling one-on-one meetings with colleagues outside my company, as I re-establish my new network in town.

In late December, I attended our local Association for Talent Development chapter, where I identified a number of people to get to know better.  As is the practice for me, I immediately (after meeting them off-line) went to LinkedIn and established a connection.  Then, as I often do, I sent a quick message (via the site) to a few, inviting them to visit our new training center and chat over a cup of coffee.  One person, however, took over a month to respond. But her message astounded me… As it turns out, her company has BLOCKED LINKEDIN on their network, and she didn’t see my message for nearly a month! And she works for a Fortune 500 company!

As it turns out, her company has BLOCKED LINKEDIN on their network, and she didn’t see my message for nearly a month!

Every month, our sales development representatives work hard to locate and rope in sales qualified leads for our account executives.  We have a small army of SDRs who are tremendous…and heavily reliant on LinkedIn for much of their outbound efforts…

money coin stack lg (2)On its own, LinkedIn serves a variety of purposes: gathering  background on a potential connection; gathering basic intelligence on a company; connecting with new prospects; and, yes, keeping a conversation going after meeting someone at a professional function! This reality, though, served as a good reminder.

At the ATD meeting, my connection had actually given me their business card, but I didn’t simply email her directly…Instead relying on the method that I would most likely have expected to hear from someone following up under similar circumstances.  It never occurred to me that her company would have an IT policy that was so restrictive as to block what is arguably the world’s largest business networking website. Today, I received a frantic message after she happened to find my message on LinkedIn by coincidence.  We’re setting up coffee for later in the week….over email!

Let this tale serve as a strong reminder that if we get stuck on the one-track thinking that is centered on what WE expect, it just may be the same kind of thinking that prevents us from actually connecting with others the way THEY want (or otherwise NEED) us to connect with THEM.

How do YOU prefer for people to reach out to YOU?


Ep 42 – What Neuro-leadership and SCARF Teach Us About Connection

Let’s face it, people are either working very hard to get closer to you, or equally as hard to get away from you.

What we say (particularly how we say it) has tremendous impact on others willingness to connect with us in a meaningful way.

In recent months, I’ve been facilitating some amazing discussions with leaders around the ideas coming out of the research of Dr David Rock. Particularly, his brain-science model for explaining our threat/reward behaviors and what triggers them through use of a model he calls SCARF.

In this episode, Scott gets into an explanation of SCARF and how it opened up an even deeper way to explain HOW we connect with one another to build meaningful, productive relationships.


Scott Cooksey works globally with business professionals to develop their ability to build profitable, lasting relationships by levering the power of connection. Learn more about having him speak for your industry event, conference, mastermind group, team or even one-on-one at

Connect with Jason LeVasseur of The Rock Star Project(R) [Ep 33]

In the fifth grade, I “inherited” my older brother’s trombone and joined the band at my elementary school. Three-quarters of the way through that year, my family uprooted from Tennessee to Oklahoma, and..well…the trombone physically made the trip, but I didn’t keep going with the band.

In a story that sounded familiar, Jason LeVasseur began his rock-star journey as a saxophonist.  That quickly morphed into drums.  When he graduated high school, he knew the drums wouldn’t be all that welcome in a dorm room, so he was gifted a guitar. Today, Jason lives out his dream as a troubadour &  front-man of “The Rock Star Project”, an amazing experience he’s been sharing with students and business groups across the country for years.

We caught up with Jason, while he was jamming out in his kitchen in front of a proud display of art created by his kids…who he credits as being the coolest band he’s ever worked with!

Music touches the soul and Jason teaches us that EVERYONE is a member of a band and that we all CAN connect with our inner rock star, simply by choosing to do so.

This isn’t another “everyone gets a trophy, juice box and an orange slice” story.  Its a reminder that we are all rock stars at heart and every day is an opportunity to showcase our talents in one of the many virtual bands of which we are all members.

Leave a comment below about YOUR favorite “band” and why it means so much to you!

Learn more about Jason at and  Tweet him @JasonLeVasseur

Scott Cooksey is a motivational keynote speaker, leadership workshop facilitator who wants to speak at your next association or industry event.  Find out more at



Five Ways To Communicate The Value of Your Time

If you do not know what your time is worth, it is all too easy to walk past a dollar to pick up a dime…all the while thinking you are doing something smart to protect what you’ve already earned.

In this episode, Cooksey sheds some light on this simple (and often costly) mistake, and shares FIVE easy to implement rules to establish value on your time, and leverage it to make more income NOW.

The Rules

  1. GET SOME ASSISTANCE  If you are lucky, you already have someone (even if they are a shared resource with co-workers) who helps manage your calendar.  A gatekeeper. Someone whose very presence suggests your time is extremely valuable, and others should respect it.  Not in your budget?  At the very least, hire a service (I happen to use…and no, they don’t pay me and this is not an affiliate link. I am a PAYING CUSTOMER) for as little as $49 A YEAR and you’ll wonder how you  ever lived without it.
  2. LEVERAGE DOWN TIME When you have the ability to send someone a simple link of available times to fit the type of meeting necessary, you can now send / respond to requests for a call, meeting, coaching session, client presentation, coffee, Skype-call…when YOU HAVE TIME to send them. Then, while you’re meeting with clients, traveling or just taking a break, your calendar is filling up ON ITS OWN for the times you WANT to be working.
  3. PUT IT ON THEM – For certain types of appointments, it may be best to put the responsibility on THEM to dial you.  Have a client who is habitually late for virtual meetings, no problem.  Schedule them for the agreed upon time (which THEY choose from your available time slots) and when they arrive late, you remind them you have a hard stop at the originally scheduled time.If the call is for YOUR benefit (new business, favor you are asking, or just out of plain ol’ respect for them), the automated system allows them (or THEIR assistant) to easily pick a preferred time knowing YOU WILL DIAL THEM at the time THEY PICKED – thus increasing the odds they will TAKE YOUR CALL!
  4. CUSTOMERS FIRST – If a paying customer is requesting your time or you’re holding a date while you iron out the details of your deal, block that date and let others schedule around it.  Should the day open up, simply release the hold on your calendar and others will be offered that time to fill in when it is available.
  5. CREATE SCARCITY – Business is business, but sometimes a more involved appointment is better planned for ahead of time. For our team, a scheduled introductory call can be set up same-day, but a coaching session or more-involved conversation may only be scheduled in the future.  Perhaps you like to block certain days of the week or month to handle certain types of calls (say, coaching appointments or client portfolio reviews)- you can decide which types of appointments work on which days.  [I have even known a few people to just allow pre-planned appointments via their schedulers to occur during limited times during the day to create the illusion they are busier than they really are…but that isn’t necessarily a great plan.]

Whatever the case:  Identify what your time is worth.  If you can hire someone to take care of repetitive tasks for a fraction of what you can bill a client for that same period of time, STOP WALKING PAST THE DOLLARS AND START PICKING THEM UP!


Want to send us a note? will get it there. Better yet, leave your questions below in the Comment section below, and we’ll follow up!

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How to Fix Customer Service in One Step – A United Airlines Disaster Story

Welcome to 2016!  Following a little downtime with family over the Christmas and New Year’s break, I didn’t originally plan to release an episode this week, but alas….I was completely inspired by the blatant lack of great customer service from a major airline during my travels.

Let me be clear.

I have had some WONDERFUL customer service experiences from a number of travel and related service industries.  Everything from the unexpected free rental car in Little Rock from National Car Rental (I’m just glad they didn’t call the police because the SUV I was driving was technically “missing”) to the presidential suite upgrade at the Marriott in south Texas (the only perk of checking in after midnight followed by an early departure later that morning) to the exceptional on-board service from Judy McClure (of then Continental Express airline).

Here is my ORIGINAL POST about Judy.
Here is the FOLLOW UP…three years later (Yep….Judy did it AGAIN!)

This holiday, however, even in the midst of multiple social media posts (one including my preschool daughter asleep on the floor next to her tablet…exhausted from the delay – and THAT was JUST TO DROP OUR BAGS BEFORE SECURITY!) despite the remarkably executed actions of a few (and I stress FEW) employees,  United Airlines simply flat-lined on customer service overall making it easy to bid farewell to 2015.

You are not responsible for HOW your customers wind up at your doorstep or WHAT HAPPENED to them before you arrived, but YOUR RESPONSE WILL DETERMINE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.  There is only one word you need to master: EMPATHY.

[This podcast includes a live recording FROM THE AIRPORT with all the details of a horrible experience….at this posting I am STILL WAITING for United Airlines to take me up on the offer to meet with them at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport. [I made the offer to United via the “what else do you want us to know about your experience on December 28th, 2015” question of their annoying post-flight survey – I even provided my cell phone number, email address and offered to drive 22 miles to the airport to meet with them to explain….Hey, at this point, I’ll even offer them ONE FREE TRAINING SESSION if they’d invite me to meet with a group of their supervisors and/or airport reps.]

Have a travel nightmare (or awesome customer service save) story of your own?  Share it below in the comment section!

Ep 15 – How You Can Leverage Service to Build Value and Drive Profits

How My “robo-ticket” experience in Iowa Will Grow YOUR Business!


QUOTE:  “If your ‘system’ is preventing great service for your clients, don’t be surprised when they head for the door.” – Scott Cooksey


  • Craft value-added services FOR FREE that attract more business without sacrificing your integrity.
    • Examples from financial services and professional services providers
  • Sometimes going “old school” and getting present with your audience, clients, or prospects is all it takes to draw them into your business.  Stop killing them with PowerPoint (R) slides!
  • When it goes wrong, sometimes it makes it right!
    When it goes wrong, sometimes it makes it right!


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Ep 13 – The White Box Club-Michael Sunnarborg Interview

Michael Sunnarborg is an Amazon top-selling author with a number of books under his belt.  His latest, entitled “The White Box Club” launches on November 6, 2015. This week, Scott caught up with Michael on Blab (Click here for the unedited, full recording of the interview) to discuss just what exactly The White Box Club is all about, how you become a member, and why every member’s ultimate goal is the get OUT of the club!

QUOTE: “Sometimes you just don’t know who you are until someone shows you.” – Michael Sunnarborg


**These are affiliate links, but it doesn’t add a penny to your cost! Just helps the podcast out a little when recommend reads and other goodies for you!



  • Three Steps to Balance: 1) Awareness 2)Alignment 3) Activation
  • There is power in shared experiences, especially in times of transition
  • Your resilience is defined not by what happens, but how you react to it!
  • Sometimes giving yourself a “white box’ is honoring yourself.


  • Keep the pedal to the metal and finish 2015 STRONG…you have 60 days left – that is 1/6 of the year! It is time to build massive momentum for 2016 and you, Success Charger, are about to catapult past your biggest competitors!
  • If you are in transition, seek out or CREATE your own White Box Club Meetup
  • Become keenly aware of your current situation (for example, on the career front); Next, ask yourself (and honestly answer) if you are in alignment with what is truly of value to you; Finally, take ACTION to reinforce or correct the course of action you are currently on.
  • Pick up a copy of The White Box Club on November 6th (Link above) for yourself or someone you know.

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If you’re interested in having Scott speak at your upcoming event, work with your organization or deliver a private workshop for your team, here’s more!  Scott also offers one-on-one and small group packages for Success Chargers looking to take their career to the next level.

Cooksey Interviewed on Reality Check Podcast with Craig Price

Veteran podcaster Craig Price ( stopped by the IdeaCharger Studios to record an interview with Scott Cooksey and decided to interview Cooksey for his show, too!

We are busy working away at our edits for the Success Charger Podcast episode featuring the interview with Craig, and promise to add the details here when it is ready.

In the meantime, please check out Craig’s show, and give a listen to his conversation with Scott as they talk “Connection”.  

Once you’re done, make sure to check out Craig’s other past guests (he has 181 prior episodes, so you are bound to find something great!)

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Why Social Media Is Like A Gun Range

Have you noticed the trend of people talking about their social media following like they are on a firing range?  The talk seems to be all about whose weapon [follower list] is bigger.  Well, excuse me, but **ahem** “bigger” is not always “better”.

Allow Me To Explain

I’m not much of a hunter, but I do understand the difference between a shotgun and a rifle.  [Gun enthusiasts note: I just said I wasn’t a munitions expert, so please forgive the following explanation if it fails to meet your qualifications….this is a metaphor, not a weapons drill –please don’t shoot me!]  In short, when fired, a shotgun unleashes a torrent of pellets all hurled simultaneously (and quite explosively) in the general direction of a specified target.  Since there are multiple projectiles, the “pattern” covers more ground, thus increasing the odds an intended target (such as a bird) would be hit/killed by said pellets.  A rifle, on the other hand, fires a single projectile, with more precision, and significantly concentrated stopping power, often more appropriate for a deer, bear, or other large animal.  The point being:  As a general rule, I would not recommend taking a shotgun on an elephant hunt, nor using a rifle to dove hunt.  Neither would likely produce the intended result. [Note: I’m not that fond of people who hunt elephants, but do find dove to be quite tasty on the grill.]

rifle target shot
Rifle – One shot, one bullet.
Shotgun - One shot, many pellets
Shotgun – One shot, many pellets

The Point

Having more pellets firing out of the barrel of your gun at once (shotgun) may not yield the intended result a single bullet is capable of producing from a rifle.  To phrase it another way, a more finely tuned, focused, specific marketing effort will generally yield a larger, more intentional result (Read: Land a bigger client that precisely needs exactly what you sell, the way you deliver it to solve a specific problem or pain said client would prefer to eliminate) than a broad, wide-sweeping “let’s see what we get” approach is likely to produce.

There are a lot of strategies to just “build up your number of social media followers”. I argue, though, that a targeted, specific and much smaller following also can have tremendous value, especially if that following more closely meets the type of value your practice, services, or products seek to provide.

Of course,  if you could build a tremendously large number of rabid fans, most of which are absolutely relevant to your area of expertise….now THAT could be even more powerful! For THAT, you must focus not only on the hunt, but building a CONNECTion, once you draw in your prey…

Below, tell us more about YOUR online connections.  Do you allow ANYONE to become your “friend” or “connection”?  Are you more deliberate?  Do you have a policy?  How does that differ between different social media platforms?

Cover Shot for CONNECT! BookScott Cooksey is the author of CONNECT! 77 Idea Chargers to Generate High Voltage Results, Today!   Learn more and order copies for your teams and networking colleagues HERE.