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So, Cooksey’s asked you to interview on the show, or you are just curious how we do it?   There are a couple of options, so here goes!


Oh, and if you have some other ideas of how we might connect, let us know at podcast@ideacharger.com!


BLAB.IM is a fascinating platform. Think of it as a webchat meets Twitter meets teleconference meets ….well, you get it.  It has only been available since April 2015, and as we are updating this page, it is FREE to use.

This is currently the preferred method for interviews, to best capture sound quality.  You want to sound AWESOME when you share the interview with your friends, right?

In order to maximize the amount of recording time we have during your scheduled timeslot, PLEASE LOGIN AND PLAY AROUND FOR A FEW MINUTES AT BLAB.IM a day or so ahead of our scheduled interview, and email podcast@ideacharger.com if you have questions or issues.  It’s pretty simple, but this will save us a LOT of time the day of the interview.

Here are some recommendations to help make this a successful recording:

  • You will need a Twitter Login to access Blab.im.  If you do not have one, please set one up at twitter.com 
  • Cooksey will schedule the “Blab” and send you a link.  The official username on Blab is “IdeaCharger”
  • You can access the Blab via a web browser. WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER AND APPLE SAFARI OFTEN DO NOT WORK WELL WITH BLAB.IM. PLEASE USE CHROME OR FIREFOX . Just go to http://www.blab.im to get “on-board”
  • Blab is also available via iPhone app  at the iTunes App Store.  At this writing, I don’t believe it is yet available for the Android operating system. Sorry!
  • Please utilize headphones or earbuds to listen in.  This will help prevent a weird echo of what’s coming out of your speakers going back into the microphone only to come out of your speakers….
  • If possible PLEASE USE A MICROPHONE OTHER THAN THE ONE BUILT INTO YOUR COMPUTER.  There are many inexpensive USB headset-style microphones available, for example.  (Remember, you don’t want to sound like you’re in a tin can.)
  • If possible, try to locate yourself in a place absent an abundance of background noise (e.g. NOT in a Starbucks or the mosh pit of a rock concert….though the latter might be quite the awesome audio effect.)
  • NOTE:  Interviews conducted via Blab will be publicly view-able while in progress (though we’ll most likely not have others join the conversation).  Our production staff will receive the portion of the interview that is officially “on the record” (other live content may not be captured or recorded) and use the audio feed for the podcast.


As a good backup plan, sometimes we just have to skip the fancy technology and go with the “old school” phone.   Let’s face it.  Sometimes the interwebs and your laptop just don’t want to cooperate.  If this is the case, please call us at 281.849.8255 and we’ll get you a dial-in number and code.  Those calls will also be recorded (though the audio quality may not be as great…but hey, it’s the CONTENT of what you’re saying that matters, RIGHT?)


We are working to locate a stable, reliable recording app to use in conjunction with Skype.  Once we’re ready to roll with that, we’ll add that information here.


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