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Right now, somewhere in your office, a manager is wondering how to deal with an underperforming member of their team.  They are about to commit a serious mistake by sending them to a corporate training seminar…unless they are willing to see the entire process through.

Scott Cooksey has facilitated talent development workshops across the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Australia.  He knows first hand why training efforts, while sincere, often fall short, and what you can do about it.

This program focuses on what organizations must do to ensure expectations are met to drive real results, FAST, even with a limited (or no) budget. Attendees will learn:

  • Actionable steps every leader must take to develop team talent;
  • How to get the most out of training & development budgets;
  • What top leaders are doing TODAY to make sure they are constantly developing top leaders for TOMORROW;
  • Leveraging the resources you have to ramp up measurable results NOW!

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Organizations like yours are facing a daily battle to attract and retain profitable client relationships as well as top talent. You need tools to drive bottom-line results, fast.  Scott Cooksey can help.Leveraging his unique perspective, having looked into over 1,037 companies through the eyes of his workshop participants, Cooksey has identified the one skill critical to the sustained success of any leader, while simultaneously delivering profits NOW.

Audience members will walk away from this presentation with actionable ideas to:

  • leverage connection concepts with team members to drive improved profitability and results, today;
  • immediately step-up the impact of talent development efforts within their existing organization, without breaking the budget;
  • build lasting, profitable relationships with existing and new clients;
  • lay a foundation of sustainable connection at every level of your organization by focusing on the value true connection adds to your business.

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WORKSHOP:  Connecting Top Talent with Terrific Results TODAY!

Once upon a time your organization was full of people eager to do whatever it took to drive results and be successful.

Today, however, organizations like yours are working harder than ever often with fewer resources at their disposal, with the same expectation for results.

WARNING: Your top talent is at risk!

This workshop allows participants to dig below the surface and identify what is really holding back their success.  During the session, participants will be designing a game plan to re-ignite the flame of desire within their teams and generate results FAST!

Participants will walk-away with:

  • Increased awareness for spotting opportunities to (re)engage top talent;
  • Action plan(s) to leverage those opportunities by immediately re-directing energy & effort to produce  positive, measurable results;
  • Tools anyone can use to leverage connection and drive results to the bottom line, faster than ever!

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