Just Twittering My Life Away…

A special “Thank You ‘tini” to @urbanwallflower, @chimchim237 and @steve_hurst for the info on TwitterFeed. In addition to THAT tidbit, I finally am catching up by learning about OpenID logins. Check Out Vidoop for more on that.

The more I link my various sites together, the easier it is to syndicate everything and stay uber-connected to my fans. Okay, so I may have but a handful of you, but THANKS!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Tweets!

2 Replies to “Just Twittering My Life Away…”

  1. Just a little tidbit of information since you mentioned Vidoop. Vidoop was founded and started in beautiful Tulsa and are one of the leaders in the OpenID movement. Unfortunately they decided to move the entire Tulsa team to Portland, Oregon just a month ago. It is a little discouraging when we are trying to build businesses in Tulsa and get companies to move here but we can’t get the ones that started here to stay.

    -Geoffrey Simpson

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