Lens of Perspective (Getting Your Shift Together)

Let’s take a ride in the “way-back” machine. Let’s look through the lens of perspective of your first day at any job you have ever held.

What can you remember about that day? What was the weather like? Do you remember the smell of the office? Were you seemingly over- or under- dressed? How organized were the people around you? Was it clear where you were supposed to be and what you were supposed to be doing?

Consider the excitement and enthusiasm you held for the opportunities which lay ahead on that first day.

What about today? Does your excitement still abound, or are you now “settled into the way things are around here”? Can you remember this morning’s commute to the office? Do you look forward to the day?

If your lens of perspective has shifted from one of optimism to one of pessimism (or as the pundits call it, “realism”), I think it may be time to refocus your energy.

Develop your CONNECTion Perspective. Focus on what you can do, rather than what “they” say you can, or “what always happens”. As the old saying goes, “If you don’t arrive for work fired with enthusiasm, do not be surprised when you are fired…with enthusiasm!”

Today is the day you will get your shift together! Stop waiting for your environment to change. Influence it for the better. When others around you find the proper lens of perspective, there is no stopping what you can accomplish.

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