A/V Requirements


Whether it’s a blessing or a curse is anyone’s guess, but Scott was born with the kind of voice that really carries.  If your group/session is going to have approximately 40 or fewer attendees, most of the time a microphone is unnecessary.

For larger groups, though, or if he’ll be speaking in an auditorium, large hall, or other space with background noise, a sound system with a lavalier microphone is preferred.

In a training or breakout session setting, to facilitate audience involvement, the following are requested:

  • Easel with Flip Chart or Whiteboard with appropriate markers
  • Copies of Handouts (should be coordinated in advance of event)
  • Pitcher or bottled water (Hey, speakers get thirsty when they are working!)

Need for the following items will vary by engagement and topic, but are typically unnecessary:

  • LCD Projector / Screen
  • Overhead Projector
  • Spotlight and/or Stage Fog Machine (I’m not sure anyone has ever taken me up on this…you could be the first!)
  • A bowl of snack-sized Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups (Come on…EVERYONE loves Reece’s Cups!)

Please refer to the Event Agreement for details on any type of audio/video recording of your event.  It may be permitted, but with restrictions.