Presidential Failures

For those of you hoping to find some sort of commentary on the race to become the next President of the United States, you are going to be disappointed. Today, it’s a history lesson.

Last week, I was in Colorado to speak at Wheat Ridge High School’s “financial aid” night on behalf of my client, Monster’s Making It Count Programs. While looking around the room where my breakout session was to be held, I spotted a poster on the wall featuring four past Presidents.

Titled If At First You Don’t Succeed You Are In Good Company the poster offered the following examples:

  • Abraham Lincoln’s first business as a dry goods store was a flop. He was later appointed Postmaster in his township and had the worst efficiency rating in the country;
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt began his career in public service after flunking out of Columbia Law School. He then decided to run for Governor of New York;
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower was rejected three times for command positions before being appointed Supreme Allied Commander in 1942 and, finally;
  • Harry Truman opened a hat and shirt shop at age 35 that went bankrupt after just two years. Truman worked 15 years to pay off the debt.

Nobody sets out to “fail their way to success”. With tenacity, patience, and a little bit of luck, all things are possible!

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