A while ago, I authored a post to remind the you (my loyal readers) that there were some misleading practices being offered by some VERY visible companies regarding access to your credit reports.  This morning, @andreamyers re-tweeted a post from another well known Twitter-hero (@skydiver) who found this little ditty below:

Please allow me to add my wave of gratitude to the Federal Trade Commission for taking on these other “knuckleheads” who claim to be doing the general public a favor, when in fact, they are selling them an unnecessary product by taking advantage of their fears.

Next, let’s fight back against those “companies” who want to charge parents to fill out the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid! (Goodness, people!  It’s in the title of the document, FREE!)  [HINT: For info you can completely trust about the College Financial Aid process, check out this site from Making It Count!

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