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If you have heard Cooksey speak, you have probably heard him say experience is a powerful by-product of failure. Ask anyone on the cutting edge of innovation, and they will tell you the key to success is to fail fast…recover…and try again until you get it right.  Powerful People Overcome Powerful Failures guides you on a journey to see the life lessons you encounter every day in the pursuit of the success you deserve.

Inspired by audience members who kept asking how they, too, could open their eyes to opportunity and success, Cooksey stepped up to lead the efforts of creating this book, written as part of the PowerSeries project.

Spend only 6 minutes a day with each lesson, and in a very short time you will begin to see opportunities around you in places you had never noticed before.

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Cooksey also often refers resources by other credible authors. Below is a selection you may find helpful. Know of a title we should add? Let us know here!

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