Fun facts about the desert.

This past week, after a summer hiatus from public speaking, I found myself rapidly re-adjusting to a jet-set lifestyle. Wednesday was a return to the stage for Monster’s Making It Count programs at Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, OK.

Late in the week, I traveled to Scottsdale, AZ to meet with a company there for a couple of days and learned a couple of fun facts:

1) It DOES rain in the desert. Admittedly, it’s not very much, but when it does rain, it also flash floods. Note to the wise: When you see a valet stand employee in Scottsdale, AZ packing up in the wind, a monsoon is most likely coming. If you’re parked 1/2 mile away, as I was, you’ll want to pay and run to the car ASAP. Seriously…those raindrops are HUGE in the desert!

2) Scottsdale has not only bike lanes, but a horse trail running through town, too! Any questions about this city’s western heritage have now been settled.

3) When you order a new iPod to replace one you’re sure has been lost forever the one you misplaced will show up 20 minutes after the new one is delivered to your door and been synchronized with iTunes.

4) To find opportunities, sometimes you have to trust yourself and take a chance. Stay tuned to Your Success.Your Terms. for the explanation on this one.