Dance Like Carlton Banks!

A Lesson In Professional Salesmanship from Carlton Banks

Who doesn’t love a great Happy Dance when you finally close the deal? I mean, it makes you want to twist…shout…knock yourself out to get that sale, doesn’t it? Well, sometimes.

I’m going to be honest. If you are in sales (HINT:  YOU ARE.) then actually getting a sale is part of the deal.  It is the price of admission.  It is what you are SUPPOSED to do.

When a player scores a touchdown, too often they act like they have never been to the end zone before.  Is scoring not what players are supposed  to do when they are on offense?  If anyone should do a touchdown dance, it should be a defensive player who pulls off the interception…THEN runs down the field to score.

If you are in sales and consider yourself a professional…when you get a sale- act like you have been there before.  One exception…if this is THE BIG DEAL you have worked painstakingly on for some time….May you dance like Carlton Banks (and may your boss react like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air)!


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