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Cooksey works with event organizers to tailor his programs for your event.  Scott’s most popular topics include:

Stop Telling & Start CONNECTing!

Connection is the foundation for trust.  When leaders CONNECT, they Create the Opportunity for a New Normal of Energetic Collaborative Thinking.  For managers from the front-line to the C-Suite, Cooksey teaches how the key to getting what you want from your people is to stop telling them what you want them to do, and start CONNECTing with your team members.

This topic is appropriate for audiences who desire:

  • increased trust among teams,
  • improved creativity in the workplace,
  • stronger customer relationships,and
  • more profitable organization.

Think Like An Employeepreneur

For every successful entrepreneur in the world, many times that number wish they had the guts to take chances with their career and achieve the success they believe possible.  This program teaches audience members how to CONNECT the creativity expressed by entrepreneurs with the safety of traditional employment while creating a win-win for both the organization AND the best employees your firm worked so hard to find.

If your group is looking for creative ways to engage your top talent to drive bottom line results, this program is for you.

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