While your organization may be staffed with bright technicians and smart people who make your widgets work, occasionally you may find yourself in need someone to help take your message to your target audience.

Our team of communications professionals can work with your company and provide:

    • Speech/Presentation creation and delivery — Nothing destroys the credibility you are attempting to build faster than a poorly written or delivered presentation. How certain are you that your message is “ready”?

    • Extra manpower in your trade show booth – Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to secure a trade-show booth that fails to generate ANY good leads for your sales team? Our professionals are not “spokesmodels” but actual business professionals who will help enhance the value of what your booth brings to the show!

    • Media interview representation – Does your organization have a live person to represent your initiative on television, radio, online interviews and other appearances?

      Check out this sample of Cooksey in action:

Obtain a custom quote to utilize Cooksey as a spokesperson for your organization, event, or cause!

Additional Services:

Keynote Speaker     Training      Master of Ceremonies     Meeting Facilitation     Project Leadership

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