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You need results now.  Today’s financial environment is more dynamic than ever, and professionals like you need more than the basic “soft skills” most training seminars provide.  

By combining the most powerful elements of leadership, communication, team building, and customer service training with real-world experience, Scott Cooksey works with clients to bring energy and know-how to the forefront with these unique workshops:

  • CONNECT with Success:

    How to Separate Yourself from Every Competitor and WIN Every Time!

    You earned your position because of  because of something your firm saw in you.  Do  you have what it takes to thrive in this age of high expectations?  Learn how you can take ownership of your role in any organization and earn the recognition you deserve; fully understand your role so you can lead both your manager & your team;and set yourself apart from your co-workers without alienating them.

  • CONNECT as a Manager: 

    Igniting the Success Mindset without Burning Out Your Team

  • Answering the age old question “How can I demand buy-in and produce greater results without alienating my team?”, this dynamic workshop will help managers do more with less; get bottom line results from your top talent; inspire your organization’s next generation of leaders; and create an innovative workplace that attracts the best from your entire team!

A Few More Words About Corporate Training & Workshops

After A Day Of TrainingPerhaps the single most important task of managers is to “clear roadblocks” for their employees.  What does that mean?  Quite simply, it means that beyond the administrative functions of being a manager, it is up to YOU to make sure your people have all of the resources they need to do their jobs successfully! [CLICK HERE to read more on this topic from Cooksey’s Blog]

No doubt, you have heard senior managers state, “Why should we train our people, they are just going to leave us anyway.” To which I respond, “So, then, is it better NOT to train them and hope they stay?”

People want to be useful.  People need to feel like they are part of the team.  Your employees WANT to be good employees (well, okay, maybe not THAT employee, but I can help you with them, too).  In order to help you clear the roadblocks for the future leaders in your organizations, we have a host of topics available from our experienced training consultants including:

  • Powerful, Well-Led Teams

  • Effectively Coaching Bad Employee Behavior

  • Customer Service – It’s All About Initiative

  • Speech and Presentation Coaching

  • How to Get More From Your Teams

  • Project Management Fundamentals

  • Organization, Goal Setting & Priority Management

  • Many other tailored & custom programs available.

Start a Conversation with Cooksey about your training needs, today!

Additional Services:

Keynote Speaker     Spokesperson     Master of Ceremonies     Meeting Facilitation     Project Leadership

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