Unconscious Competence – A Lesson from Sesame Street

One of the topics I often lead for organizations is Teambuilding. During this class, we discuss the Four Stages of Learning, annotated here with my own descriptions (more detail here):

  1. Unconscious Incompetence (You don’t know what you don’t know)
  2. Conscious Incompetence (You KNOW what you don’t know)
  3. Conscious Competence (You know what you know)
  4. Unconscious Competence (You don’t even have to think about what you know…it’s automatic)

It’s funny to me how as a youngster, I was able to teach myself to read by watching Sesame Street. This morning, a friend of mine (@gggena) said she had this song stuck in her head, which I recognized from my past. When she sent the link and I again watched this classic tale unfold, I was reminded at just how deep the lessons can be learned from something disguised as “children’s programming”. Hmmm…Maybe everything I needed to know I really DID learn (before) Kindergarten!

Watch “Dear Henry’s” learning style evolve. Who is the “Liza” and “Henry” in your OWN organization?

Which one sounds more like you?

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