What's in YOUR Bullseye?

You never know from where a nugget of inspiration will come. This past weekend, I participated in a training session for speakers of Monster’s Making It Count programs. These sessions are much like a speaker boot camp, in that we cover a tremendous amount of information in a relatively short amount of time. Just like so many who travel to Las Vegas, the mantra is typically, “Hey, you can sleep on the plane.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but it is also a very focused weekend.

The program we were certifying on this weekend is one geared for high school freshmen. Can you remember your freshman year? At my school, we were called “fish”. We’d gone from being the top dogs of the middle school to the bottom feeders of the teenage experience…but I digress.
At the beginning of the presentation there is an interactive exercise where audience members are directed to simply shade in the bullseye on a target printed in the workbooks they receive when they arrived in the room. Then, having them close their eyes and turn head toward the ceiling, we ask them to shade in the bullseye of the second target, which is printed just below the first one. The point: “It’s much easier to hit the bullseye when you can see it!” Then we tell them, “Your bullseye is whatever you want it to be.

Take just a minute to ponder that idea. “Your bullseye is whatever you want it to be.”

Too often during the span of our lives, careers, relationships, even days, we are often asked to “fill in the circle” of someone else’s bullseye. When was the last time you truly worked toward a significant bullseye of your own that was on a target much farther away than next Friday?

Tonight, just before you drift off to sleep, I encourage you to consider your own long-term goals. Attaining those goals often may take a number of intermediate and short term goals to fully achieve, but really think about the center of your own target.

Define your own bullseye, and begin setting a plan in motion focused on hitting the bullseye somewhere in your own future. Be relentless in your pursuit of hitting your bullseye on Your Terms.
Bonus: Be accountable toward achieving your goal. Post it in a reply to this blog. Be sure to include a target completion date, too.

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  1. Thanks for this, Cooksey! I think I should set some realistic goals for myself for 2009. This post gave me a little push toward that!

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