Why Don’t People Answer Their Emails?

I know I didn’t email you back and I am not necessarily sorry.

Why you shouldn’t apologize, either!

How do you feel when someone you know tells you, “I’m not going to email you again, because you never reply to me, anyway”?  I would venture to guess it makes one feel like you have been sent to “time out”!  It does to me.

Recently, I have heard that from enough people to realize I may need to address the issue.  At least, that’s what I first thought.  And then I thought about it- see if this sounds familiar:

In recent history, have you:

  • Experienced population growth in your household?
  • Accepted a new job or role within your company?
  • Offered to serve in a leadership role of a volunteer organization?
  • Moved to a new city, state, or part of the country?
  • Taken up a new hobby you really enjoy?

Life-PrioritiesFor many people, simply adopting one of the above suggestions would be a “game changer” for your priorities.  The shift compounds exponentially when you take one two, three, or even ALL of the above.  It can be easy to feel overwhelmed. If I were to speculate as to what has “suffered” as a result of your new (and very productive, satisfying endeavors) becoming a significant part of your life, I might guess your email might not be as important as it once was, along with less time on social media, dealing less with OPD (other people’s drama), feeling sad or lonely, and generally feeling less satisfied with life.

When you make significant activity changes in your life and shift your focus to yourself, many benefits surface.  Most people report experiencing:

  • Better health
  • Stronger personal relationships
  • Feelings of gratitude
  • Increased satisfaction in the workplace, or even
  • The joy of becoming a parent for the first time.

Taking deliberate steps to improve your own life doesn’t mean you should ignore your responsibilities as a friend, co-worker, association member or neighbor….but it IS okay to enjoy the fruits of your decisions and shake off that guilt for not returning ALL of those emails as quickly as someone else thinks perhaps you should have. The CONNECTion you build as a result of living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life will far outweigh responding to the demands of others.

However, ignoring ALL of those emails could be detrimental to your business, so be sure to carve out a little time for them…You just don’t have to apologize for taking a little longer to respond.

Get active.  Get healthy.  Do something you WANT to do.  Make good in the world.  CONNECT!


3 Replies to “Why Don’t People Answer Their Emails?”

  1. Great blog Scott! Now I don’t feel so guilty since I’m totally addicted to tennis and have a deluge of emails to respond to as a result.
    Thanks for making me feel good about being selfish 🙂

  2. Scott,
    Interesting… Personal email yes. I look at it once a week or when I travel. In regards to work emails I disagree. Everyone should be held to the same standard no matter what hobby they have, how many children they have brought not this world, etc… As a whole we still need to hit the collective number quarterly no matter what is going on..

  3. Theresa – This doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to see you from time to time! 🙂 Enjoy the tennis!

    Chad – Good point. I heard from some others on the distinction between personal and business emails. You’re right. Business emails should be followed up with promptly. My intention for for readers, in general, to just enjoy a fulfilling life based on deliberate shift of priorities without guilt. Sometimes taking the attitude of “that problem will be here in the morning”….as long as “in the morning” it really gets taken care of!

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