Top Session Topics Include:

Setting Your Team’s Change CADENCE™ & Drive Faster Results

Today’s work environment is in a state of constant change making it difficult to maintain a sense of momentum and control. Successful navigation of today’s rapidly shifting terrain, change requires employees at all levels to demonstrate tremendous levels of commitment, coordination, and communication.   

In this program, participants will learn from illustrative examples, tools, & techniques designed to help business professionals rapidly adjust to what is out of their control by focusing on what is in their control and identifying opportunities to stay on track. 

Participants will be able to:

  • Confidently communicate & facilitate progress activities with all involved, from senior leaders to front line leaders;
  • Maintain a positive, forward-focused culture of trust throughout the change process;
  • Effectively anticipate potential setbacks while maintaining a forward momentum of redirected initiatives;
  • Promote successful execution of projects while maximizing engagement and performance of individual team members; and 
  • Deliver bottom-line results while positively impacting partnerships throughout your organization.  

Position to Win: Executing Your Leadout Strategy

Successful businesses know that every single employee impacts the organization’s ability to drive revenue. This inspirational program highlights the distinct role of each employee to impact your company’s success – providing you with a tactical advantage for driving revenue, delivering superior customer experience and leaving competitors gasping for breath.

Let’s position your team to: 

  • Attract more of the clients you desire
  • Provide clear offerings & solutions sought-after by key prospects 
  • Identify & execute a daily game-plan that fuels your business
  • Build momentum to pull your business forward & avoid burnout
  • Deliver predictable, consistent results
  • Display confidence & always be in contention for the win!

Other Popular Keynotes & Workshops:

For Leaders:

  • Driving Change (Managers)
  • Embracing Change (Teams)
  • Coaching skills
  • Building powerful teams
  • Leading tough discussions
  • Personality assessments
  • Building trust in teams
  • Driving team performance

For Sales Enablement of Organizations:

  • Sales kickoff events
  • Sales playbooks & messaging
  • On-boarding programs
  • Sales management skills
  • Selling & presentation skills
  • Sales operations & systems
  • Developing and executing  a winning sales strategy

Additional Services:

Keynote Speaker:

Energize the opening or closing session at meetings & conferences. Motivate and inspire your audience.

Executive Coaching:

Individual & group options

Other Services:

Facilitate strategic leadership retreats, Master of ceremonies, panel moderator, and more.

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