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Cover Shot for CONNECT! BookThis pocket-sized version of CONNECT! packs a solid jolt (approximately 1.21 gigawatts) of results-oriented knowledge on every page!

In CONNECT!, you will discover a fully-charged collection of high-voltage ideas, grounded advice & power generating influence builders all to help YOU achieve the abundant success you deserve!

Based on my working with leaders around the globe from over 1,037 companies, I have uncovered the ONE SKILL, when developed properly, that will supercharge your career and success.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Order your copy of CONNECT! today! Better yet, take advantage of our specially priced POWER PACK for teams and send turn your organization into an IdeaCharger of it’s own!

Each order includes a FREE DIGITAL COPY of
“e-Books Suck…But They Don’t Have To!” by Hungry Entrepreneurs, which includes a chapter by Scott Cooksey, Chief Idea Charger!
[A $4.99 value!]  Once your order is complete, you’ll be automatically directed to the download page!


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