Executive Coaching & Consulting

Research by Performance Sales Executive Council found that effective coaching directly increased sales performance. On average, executive coaching of core sales representatives resulted in an 8 percent performance increase. A study published in the Manchester Review that primarily investigated executives from Fortune 1000 companies reported that executive coaching leads to improved customer service (39 percent frequency), cost reduction (23 percent) and increased bottom-line profitability (22 percent).

-from “Making the Business Case for Executive Coaching” at TD.org, 2018 

Individual and Group Coaching solutions available for all investment levels.  In-person & virtual delivery options.

Executive Coaching & Elite Mentoring Groups

Maintaining success at every level takes commitment. Taking on the added responsibility of driving performance through others, often requires fine tuning and continued development of emotional intelligence (EQ). Working with a coach allows you to develop personal awareness, hone techniques to inspire others and maintain a posture of personal continuous improvment required of the modern leader. Whether one-on-one or with a cohort of like-minded professionals, executives who invest in themselves more consistently stay in position to win more!

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Consulting & Advisory Services

Whether your project requires the hands-on assistance from our team of seasoned professionals, or simply access to advisory servcies from our carefully vetted panel of experts, Cooksey Connects and the elite network members of the Leadout Performance Group are at the ready to serve you!

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