Curious? Here is what audiences are saying about Cooksey…

“Fresh perspectives to embrace change both individually and as a collective group.” – Shyanne M.

Program Specialist

“Energetic and fun program!”– Brenda K.

Sr. Admin Specialist

”This program made me more comfortable not only facing change, but addressing it in an effective, assertive, productive manner.” –Madison C.

Metadata Librarian

“A spark of motivation!” –Frank S., Jr

Training Professional

“Cooksey’s style encouraged me to pay closer attention…and I learned a LOT!”-Gaylene H.

Staff Accountant

“Very useful information.This program put change processes in perspective for any organization or department!.”– Martin G.

University Adminstrator

“Change is good! Glad to learn it is okay to make mistakes as long as we learn from them!”-Emily H.

Financial Services

“Great reminder while we may face problems with change, we get to choose how we will respond.”–Jane C.

Senior Staff Member

“…a dynamic speaker who knows sales, business and how to motivate!”-Crystal W.

Social Media Consultant

“…connected with the audience, delivered insightful wisdom & applicable take-aways…highly recommend!” –Jimmy M.

 Law Enforcement Professional