Scott Cooksey Earns Certified Speaking Professional Designation from the National Speakers Association

National Speakers Association Awards Esteemed Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Designation

[Minneapolis, MN, USA] — The National Speakers Association (NSA) proudly announces Tulsa, Oklahoma based Scott Cooksey among the latest recipients of the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest earned recognition conferred by the NSA on its members. This prestigious credential is awarded to accomplished professional speakers who have demonstrated exceptional proficiency and a commitment to excellence in the speaking profession.

The CSP designation is a mark of distinction and reliability, indicating that the speaker has met rigorous standards set by the NSA. These standards include a proven track record of delivering a significant number of paid speaking engagements, consistently positive evaluations from clients and peers, and adherence to the NSA’s strict code of ethics. Less than 17% of NSA members worldwide have earned this credential, making it a highly sought-after honor in the speaking industry.

National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional Class of 2024 LogoBenefits of the CSP Designation:

  • Credibility: The CSP designation is a hallmark of credibility, assuring clients and audiences that the speaker has a proven track record of success and professionalism.
  • Excellence: CSP recipients are recognized for their excellence in speaking, demonstrating a high level of skill and expertise in delivering impactful and engaging presentations.
  • Commitment: Earning the CSP designation signifies a speaker’s dedication to their craft and their ongoing pursuit of growth and improvement.

Achieving the CSP designation is a testament to a speaker’s unwavering commitment to their profession. It reflects their ability to consistently deliver high-quality presentations and their dedication to upholding the values and standards of the NSA. Cooksey will join this year’s class designees to receive the CSP Medal in a ceremony held during the NSA Influence Conference in Denver, Colorado this August.

The NSA is dedicated to advancing the professional speaking industry through education, networking, and community building. With the CSP designation, the NSA continues to uphold its mission of supporting speakers in their journey to inspire, educate, and entertain audiences worldwide. A member of this association for nearly 14 years, Cooksey has served in a variety of leadership roles including as Chapter President of NSA Houston, Board Member of NSA North Texas and currently serves as Oklahoma Ambassador for the NSA North Texas Chapter. He also serves nationally on the NSA Chapter Leadership Committee. Cooksey is founder of Leadout Performance Group where he advises organizational leaders to navigate today’s increasingly dynamic realities to ensure they will remain relevant and consistently #InPositionToWin!

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About the National Speakers Association:

The National Speakers Association (NSA) is the leading organization for professional speakers, dedicated to advancing the art and business of speaking. Founded in 1973, the NSA provides resources, networking opportunities, and professional development programs to help speakers achieve their goals and elevate the industry. With a diverse membership spanning various fields and specialties, the NSA fosters a community of collaboration, innovation, and excellence.

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