Virtual Meeting Facilitation Is NOT For The Weak-So Our Team Went To The Virtual Gym for You!

Just because you have ATTENDED a lot of Zoom meetings does NOT mean you know how to RUN an engaging one…

At the beginning of 2020, you had likely HEARD of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other online virtual meeting platforms, but let’s be honest…you likely had NOT ever had to run one of those meetings. Here we are mid-year, and the question has shifted. How confident are you to run an online meeting while keeping it engaging and impactful? Yes. Online meetings CAN be engaging…keep reading.

Zoom Fatigue is Real

It was FUN for a while…
…now it’s how we work.

In recent years, more than once, I have logged over 100 nights in hotels, thousands of air miles, driven a few thousand miles in rental cars and consumed gallons of airport coffee. That hustle, like yours, came to an abrupt halt at the end of Q1 this year.

On the up-side, I have gotten more consecutive, 8+ hours of sleep nights in a row, eaten more meals with my family, and had more of a “typical routine”. On the down-side, however, work has gone almost completely virtual. Every meeting request seems to be some version of “let’s get on a Zoom call”. Sadly, over 50% of those video calls could have easily been handled adequately on the phone (remember phone calls?), through an email or even with a couple of quick text messages.

If I am correct, you are finding Zoom to be simply exhausting. Zoom fatigue is real…You, your customers and your organization deserves better!

But, In-Person Meetings Aren’t Happening- What Else Can We Do?

State-to-state (and international) travel restrictions. Corporate quarantines. Your favorite association conference & trade show is delayed until next year. Family obligations (because you can’t send your kids anywhere, either). A lot of “why you can’t”.

Industry and trade association members are demanding fresh alternatives NOW. Their businesses are in danger and associations who fail to adjust quickly will suddenly find themselves chasing their membership away….at a time they can ill afford to do so. They simply CANNOT WAIT.

Businesses and organizations of every size are feeling the strain on their bottom line as ‘must have” services have become “nice to haves”. We can help you deliver so much value to your clients they would be foolish to leave. If you lose a customer now, there is a slim chance they will be back when times are “better”.

We may be all in the same boat…but that boat feels more like the Titanic these days. And don’t get me started on the lifeboat situation. You cannot wait any longer to “deliver different”. We will NEVER go “back to normal” and our team is already ready to get to work for you RIGHT NOW!

Grab Your Collaboration Hat – It is Time to Get Back To Work

First, close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Hold it in for a few seconds. Now slowly exhale. As my business manager reminds me (we have a remote relationship as she offices in another state)…you are not alone. [April makes me do this at least once a week…It’s HER tag line!]

Since March, client relationships have changed. How we do business has changed. What our customers expect from us has changed. Nothing is “normal”, and I could not be more excited! The future is BRIGHT! The game plan has simply been accelerated.

I, along with our team of deeply seasoned professionals we call the “Leadout Performance Group”, stand ready to assist.

Your customers need you, but your efforts to stay connected with them are WEAK. Let’s get you back atop “credibility mountain”. They need to see you leading from the front!

Your employees need your leadership DIFFERENTLY than they did back in January. Most of them have been struggling with an entirely new set of issues as they attempt to “work from home”. They are CRAVING new solutions, expert advice, and confident, solid concepts to succeed in this dynamic environment.

You need help. Our team is READY NOW. We want to work with you! We have solutions ready for IMMEDIATE INITIATION to help you get your team (and your customers) re-engaged NOW!

It is Official: We are now “Certified”!

You need a partner who can help you get AND stay in position to win! You already know we have the expertise and the promise that if Cooksey is not right for you or your event, we will work hard to bring you professionals from our extensive, global network of experts. That is a given.


Taking it to the next level, we took the step to prove we can also handle the tech needed to meet today’s business demands, by certifying with eSpeakers as a Certified Virtual Presenter. This process ensure you we can handle more than just the message. We can also manage the technology..

  • No more “witness protection”-style video: We have professional lighting and audio for live-virtual events.
  • Wi-Fi dropped? Mic not working? NO PROBLEM! We’ve proven our ability to navigate technology issues quickly and confidently to keep meetings moving along without the drama.
  • What do producers DO, anyway? Well, whatever it is, when they keep the tech gremlins on the run, troubleshoot participant issues and your meeting running smooth – they are worth their weight in gold. And, yes, when appropriate…we have them.
  • Help us Help YOU! We have terrific concepts for client-facing events to keep your valued relationships strong and delivering on YOUR promise! Working with Cooksey Connects, you have access to the exclusive network of the Leadership Performance Group
  • We want YOU to be the hero! Showcase YOUR leadership, expertise and more. When our experts need to take a back-seat and we can instead work with you behind the scenes to bring polished, impactful virtual meetings to life, we are happy to do that as well!

Can we chat?

Bring us your biggest challenges. We know suddenly trying to manage employees, customers, sponsors and more is daunting. It doesn’t have to be.

Schedule a call today and let us share more about how we are actively helping clients like you shift into the next gear and deliver forward-looking solutions NOW! Get on the calendar at!

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