What Do Message Leaders Do and Why Does It Matter? Dr. Jim Karrh Stops By To Explain

We could be clever here and write a bunch of neatly worded prose about centuries-old, European road roundabouts laced with bicycle lanes and loose cobblestones underneath while you pedal through on a skinny tired bike.

We could try to draw some witty connection to the difficulties you have experienced during this epic global pandemic and the far-reaching challenges every business has found impossible to ignore in 2020. [We will spare you the insert of some lame “2020 not so visionary” quote here.]

Then again, you are probably wondering who would have the audacity ask for an hour of your time smack dab in the middle of quarter end

…but those words would all serve as weak cover for why your business under-performing while your competitors are forging ahead.

Yes. Yes they are….and if you do not believe me…keep reading.

There is no time for excuses…KEEP PEDALLING!

From Fortune 100 enterprises to Single-Owner LLCs, one-of-a-kind manufacturers to franchise operations…everybody is busy.

What you may not know, however, is that many of those businesses are FLOURISHING RIGHT NOW. [We know because we talk to businesses like yours EVERY SINGLE WEEK.]

Right now…you have a competitor hatching a breakaway plan that will leave your business legs SCREAMING for vengeance as they rapidly establish a gap all but impossible to get across, unless…you unlock the secret weapon of Message Leadership.


Leadout Performance Group was designed to help business pros and teams like yours to get…AND STAY…in position to win! So, we enlisted the help of author, speaker, consultant and all-around business messaging expert, Dr. Jim Karrh to share with you EXACTLY what you need to execute this brilliantly simple, yet powerful skill to organize your team into a breakaway the competition will NEVER be able to catch….as long as you master the skillset.

We know you are curious. This one is on the house.

Simply visit www.SettingTheCadence.com RIGHT NOW and register for the link to our exclusive, LIVE event on Sept 29th. You want to be there live, because we have baked in a few bonuses PLUS you can ask your questions DURING THE EVENT and get them answered RIGHT ON THE SPOT!

Invite your entire team. Company. Industry group. Networking group…. you get the idea. You have EVERYTHING to gain. Get #InPositionToWin!


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