Episode 14 – Darren LaCroix 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

In 2001, Darren LaCroix outlasted over 20,000 competitors from around the globe to become the World Champion of Public Speaking. In Toastmasters circles, Darren’s story is quite well known.  In this interview, however, Scott Cooksey asks Darren, one of his earliest mentors in the business of speaking, to pull back the curtains not on how he achieved his climb to the top, but the grit it takes to stay there.  Add in just a dash of what YOU can do to become your own champion of fulfilling success on your terms (Hint: It involves finding a mentor)..and learn why the road to authenticity is not an easy one to navigate alone.

QUOTE:  “A little bit of effort in the right direction will outperform a lot of effort in the wrong direction.” – Darren LaCroix


  • Darren’s Math to Mastery Equation states “Effort X Direction = Mastery
  • There are two kinds of feedback,
    1. Anyone can share how a story or action made them think or feel,but
    2. Not everyone is qualified to provide coaching to improve. Know how to discern which type of feedback you can trust.
  • Why there is no substitute for “stage time” in your chosen pursuit
  • Worse than taking no advice, is taking advice from people who are only 1/2 step ahead of you.




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