Ep 16 – How to Avoid The Biggest Rookie Mistake in Sales

Eliminate Missed Sales Opportunities with this One Simple Concept

LENGTH: 16:16

“The biggest rookie mistake in sales is working hard to finally get to a point where you can ask for the sale…only to blow it with a one-dimensional pitch!” – Scott Cooksey


When the pressure to create income is high, it is easy to let emotion take over…only to sabotage your success with a one-dimensional pitch.  In this episode, Host Scott Cooksey shares techniques you can apply immediately to shift the conversation with prospects and clients from “Do you want to buy this product/service from me today?” to “Here are some options for how we could best work together as we move forward.”


  • See how the IdeaCharger team structures our own offerings using this game-changing approach here: www.IdeaCharger.com/services
  • If you haven’t watched it in a while, Wall Street with Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas features a famous cat-and-mouse sales effort by the eager Bud Fox (Sheen) as he pursues “the whale” (Douglas).

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