Episode 10 – Grow Your Sales By Giving More Away for FREE

This weekend, I shamelessly spend a TON of time hanging out with my daughter, so you are getting a QUICK CHARGE idea to take action on this week to grow your business. Next week, we should be back on track with another interview, but THIS EPISODE might be your game changer to finish 2015 with a FULL CHARGE!

QUOTE:  In order to grow your business faster, I suggest the key is to GIVE MORE AWAY FOR FREE!

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STORY:  How one shady marketer’s email reminded me how much your business means to YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENTS and what you can do about it to get more business NOW!

David Newman @dnewman on Twitter

Darren LaCroix @darrenlacroix on Twitter

CHALLENGE: Create a way to GIVE AWAY a version of what you do to attract new clients:  write a blog, record a podcast (QUICK TIP: email this show about being a guest…I’ll help you!), hold a free webinar, teleseminar, or live event just to EDUCATE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE

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