Episode 11 – Jimmy Monk – Resilience

Jimmy Monk is a Pittsburgh, PA-area based speaker and trainer who has also spent the past two decades as a Trooper with the PA State Police.  He (virtually) drops by to discuss his perspectives on overcoming failure and explains how we can all re-frame failure to discover opportunities to move ahead.

GUEST:  Jimmy Monk

QUOTE:  “The more experience you have, the better you are at connecting with people.”  – Jimmy Monk

STORY:  Jimmy shares stories from his law enforcement career and ties them to points we should all understand about leveraging compassion, resilience, empathy, vulnerability and being more genuine to be more encouraging to people around us each and every day.

CHALLENGE:  Look again at past failures and discover the rich lessons within – for everyone involved.


  1. Begin to journal daily and turn everyday failures into rich learning moments to unleash powerful positive results in your life and be a better guide for other important people in your life.
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