Episode 12-Craig Price-Negativity

Craig Price, leadership and negativity speaker, podcaster & Comic-Con panel facilitator trekked over to the IdeaCharger Studios in The Woodlands, TX to talk negativity and why it matters to people who succeed.

QUOTE:  “I want to plow right through any obstacles because I am already prepared for them.” – Craig Price

STORY: Craig’s unique perspective on the world turns many popular views on success around and looks at them from, well, a different angle. One worth a second look!  We cover topics from “unicorn farts” (A technical term….and a first for this podcast) to breaking down how Craig can get past his introverted nature to better maintain lasting profitable relationships with his clients.

CHALLENGE:  Embrace negativity by separating it from the oft-confused concept of fatalistic thinking.


  1. Make it a practice to ask the tough questions like “what would happen if…” rather than just nodding in agreement as quickly.
  2. Listen to Scott Cooksey as he is interviewed about Connection on REALITY CHECK with CRAIG PRICE podcast HERE or check out the show notes and stream HERE  (Episode 182)

BOOK: Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide by Craig Price

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