The Art and Opportunity of Successful Project Management with Andy Kaufman PMP [Ep 28]

“If your to-do item requires more than one step…it’s a project”
-David Allen

Under the rule established by the above quote, all of us – including YOU- manage projects each and every day.  In this 60 minute episode, you will learn that not only are projects important, but that managing doesn’t have to be difficult.  In fact, it’s quite simple if you are willing to employ a few important techniques.

Several years ago, while I was presenting for a very challenging client in Chicago, IL, a man with a tremendously addictive smile sat in the back of the room.  At the end of the day, he approached me with great enthusiasm for what was, in his words, “a rather successfully facilitated day” I had just completed.  A connection was made…and in this episode, I reconnect with Andy Kaufman, PMP to discuss the art and opportunity of successfully managing projects.

andy kaufman

Meet Andy Kaufman, PMP

If you think project management is boring…This episode is going to change your mind about projects and project managers.  It is JAM PACKED with solid ideas anyone can use to become more effective at almost anything you do!

In this high-energy episode, we discuss many aspects of projects including:

  • Why you SHOULD talk about risks…and how often,
  • Using the “Two Week Rule” for checkpoints,
  • How projects are influenced by the psychology of pursuasion,
  • Navigating the “Planning Fallacy”,
  • Book recommendations and
  • Much, much more….

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[In full disclosure, Andy is providing me an affiliate referral fee for anyone who uses this link, but he is paying me out of his proceeds and with no additional cost to you.  Just being transparent here…]

To learn more about Andy Kaufman, hire him as a speaker, bring him in to work with your group or just read some of his articles, check out his website at

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