In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many of my clients, colleagues, friends, family and foes have found their plans have been put on their ear.

As you can imagine, my travel schedule has left me in a spot where I have a LOT of time to do something different.

Time where I can help those friends, clients, and colleagues who are not even sure what they need just yet.

Let me be clear, I’m not trying to sell you anything. Simply asking, “How can I help?”

Ideas to begin answering that question include asking if I could help by:

• Hosting a short, upbeat virtual team huddle (once or regularly)
• Curate helpful articles, podcasts and tools to help your employees transition to working remotely
• Taking advantage of these times to offer some mini-discussions for important leadership topics for anyone in your company
• Listening
• Mini Coaching sessions
• Facilitating online discussions with key stakeholders concerned about various aspects of your business and/or caring for your people in this challenging time.

Really, anything.

I’m standing by as a RESOURCE. It’s what I can offer right now, and I hope we have a chance to just have a conversation.

If someone in your network might benefit from a resource like me, even if it’s OUTSIDE of your company, I make the same offer. Please feel free to pass this message along.

Schedule a call at – Let’s talk about how we can keep your team, organization, or amazing group of people connected!

In service-

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